Becoming Nutrien Ag Solutions

For those of you that have heard, we have a new beginning upon us as we move from Crop Production Services to Nutrien Ag Solutions. If you do not know the story, here is a little background for you. 
Nutrien Ag Solutions was established in 2018, but predecessor companies began operating as early as 1859. A lot has changed since then. Advancements in technology allow for more effective growing methods while minimizing environmental impacts. We've welcomed more operations into our family and expanded our product and service offerings. Our reach has become global as we are now part of a network of retailers that spans three continents. Despite all those changes, we have never lost sight of the American farmers and the work they do. Decade after decade, we're here to provide the best technologies, tools and products so you can focus on what you do best - grow.
Operated by Nutrien Retail, Nutrien Ag Solutions is a unit of Nutrien Ltd., the world’s largest agriculture inputs company. Nutrien is comprised of four business units: Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potash and Retail.
Nutrien Retail continues to grow its international and North American presence. In the past five years, approximately 250 independent retailers have been added to the growing family of Nutrien Ag Solutions.
With that being said, no one knows your land, or operation quite like you. But that will never keep us from nurturing the relationships you’ve grown to value with us as Crop Production Services. And now with even broader resources and capabilities, your Tangent Nutrien Ag Solutions™ retailer is even more equipped to help you become a more capable grower than ever and we are excited and proud to be doing it with you.
You will being seeing the new name show up as you visit the office or see one of our vehicles on the road and we hope that you enjoy and take full advantage of the benefits that come along with this change. As always, feel free to contact your fieldman with questions or concerns. 
-Your team at Nutrien Ag Solutions