ROAD CLEAR Dust Control

THREE locations serving the Willamette Valley:
  • TANGENT - 541-928-1274
  • RICKREALL - 503-623-3101
  • HOPMERE - 503-393-1141

Comparison of treated and untreated gravel

We can apply ROAD CLEAR   Dust Control to practically any gravel road, driveway, or parking lot to keep your vehicles, home, or business clean through the dry summer months. Clear up your dust problem!

Our customers use ROAD CLEAR on:

  • Public Roads: The preferred product of most county road departments to preserve rural gravel roads and reduce costly maintenance
  • Private Drives: Improve compaction and traction while reducing dust and the formation of washboard and potholes.
  • Parking Lots: Keep dust from accumulating on parked cars and adjoining buildings to enhance the atmosphere around businesses and public gathering places.
  • Nurseries: Dusty plants can increase insect and disease pressure and diminish the marketability of the plants you've worked hard to raise.
  • Vineyards: Prevent dust build-up on vines, fruit, and equipment and improve patron experience around tasting rooms.
  • Industrial: Knock down dust around work sites, manufacturing, and processing facilities to improve working conditions and customer satisfaction. 
  •  Other Uses: Fairgrounds, parks, campgrounds, festivals, farm stands, and on and on...

ROAD CLEAR application in progress
In addition to dust suppression during the season, repeat yearly applications of ROAD CLEAR Dust Control will work to solidify the underlying roadbed over time resulting a more stable road surface year after year. If you are building a new gravel roadway or leveling an existing road, ROAD CLEAR Dust Control will bind the new or disturbed gravel to help prevent the formation of potholes or washboard.

More about ROAD CLEAR:

ROAD CLEAR Dust Control is a nontoxic, nonhazardous, biodegradable product made from lignin-sulfonate recovered from wood pulping industry. Lignin is actually a group of naturally occurring compounds found in all plants. It binds plant cells together making crunchy vegetables crunchy and firm fruits firm. Lignin, called "nature's glue," is what binds together long cellulose fibers creating the rigid structure in trees which is what makes lumber such a viable building material.  
The International Lignin Institute says, 
"After cellulose, lignin is the most abundant renewable carbon source on Earth. Between 40 and 50 million tons per year are produced worldwide as a mostly non-commercialized waste product." 
We harness the binding properties of this by-product to make your gravel driveways, roads, and parking lots more pleasant!

Contact your local CPS location for inquiries, quotes, or to schedule an application of ROAD CLEAR Dust Control and clear up that dust problem!